Montana has a long tradition of listening to and respecting — revering — its writers and the state’s literary tradition. In an unprecedented show of unity, more than forty of Montana’s best writers have gathered, in rapid response fashion, to write original essays and testimonials advocating for the protection of our public lands, and endorsing Democratic House of Representatives candidate Rob Quist’s position on this (literally) most common ground of issues. Please vote on May 25.

Corrective Measures

Russell Chatham

Word has reached me from a number of reliable sources, men and women who would sacrifice their lives for the right causes, that our illustrious chief executive is hatching some evil plans to sell off our birthright, that of public open spaces still pristine, to the highest bidders. Imagine that: the one percent with all the money could then presumably also own all the land too. If it’s a fight they want then let’s give it to them and turn the mode of government by the government, of the government and for the government around sending it back east with some strongly suggested corrective measures designed to protect the valuable and irreplaceable land which belongs equally to everyone.

Russell Chatham has been a professional author for fifty years and a painter for sixty. He lives at Point Reyes, California.

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