Montana has a long tradition of listening to and respecting — revering — its writers and the state’s literary tradition. In an unprecedented show of unity, more than forty of Montana’s best writers have gathered, in rapid response fashion, to write original essays and testimonials advocating for the protection of our public lands, and endorsing Democratic House of Representatives candidate Rob Quist’s position on this (literally) most common ground of issues.

Our Story

Rick Bass, Seabring Davis, and Brian Schott built a rapid response anthology of Montana writers speaking out in favor of protecting public lands to support Democratic candidate Rob Quist in Montana's May 25th special election — for the open seat vacated when former congressman Ryan Zinke became Interior Secretary this year. In the span of a few short weeks they rallied more than 40 writers and raised nearly $10,000 to insert the anthology in key Montana newspapers.

Click to download pdf (4.2megs) of "We Take Our Stand" newspaper tabloid.

The Republican Party wants to privatize the land we walk on. Our land. We will not win this fight in a single election, nor in a single day, nor even a single year. But we are awakening. And we are speaking up, communicating, clarifying, framing the discussion. 

Our project is patterned after the “I’ll Take My Stand” movement of the Southern Agrarians—12 intellectuals, artists, and writers in the Deep South in the 1930s, also speaking up on behalf of their home ground. We hope the unprecedented gathering of Montana's writers will have influence on the May 25 special election, and on the upcoming 2018 election, and strengthening the Democratic Party in Montana in general.

Here, we take our stand.

On May 25, Take Your Stand — Vote to Protect Montana's Public Lands.


The full list of contributing writers, accompanied by images from photographers Steven Gnam, Tom Murphy, and Brian Schott includes: Rick Bass, Sandra Alcosser, Marc Beaudin, David Brooks, James Lee Burke, Kevin Canty, Russell Chatham, Nancy S. Cook, Seabring Davis, Chris Dombrowski, David James Duncan, Cristina Eisenberg, Tess Fahlgren, Amanda Fortini, Jessie Grossman, Tami Haaland, Max Hjortsberg, Matt Holloway, Lowell Jaeger, Allen Morris Jones, Greg Keeler, Walter Kirn, Tim Linehan, Ben Long, Tom McGuane, Scott McMillion, Miles Nolte, Andrea Peacock, Doug Peacock, David Quammen, Shann Ray, Russell Rowland, Brian Schott, Robert Stubblefield, Todd Tanner, Toby Thompson, Carter G. Walker, Alan Weltzien, Richard Wheeler, Todd Wilkinson, Louisa Willcox, and Pat Williams.

Special thanks to our sponsors: Albert W Lindler, Allen Jones, Amy Robinson, Andrew Harper, Anne Colston Wentz, MD, Bill and Colette Berg, Bob Schleicher, Brady Banks, Brian & Lyndsay Schott, Cindy Owings, Cristina Perachio, Dan Sullivan, Diane Conradi, Dwight and Lois Short, Elise Atchison, Erick & Jen Robbins, Helen Graves & Malcolm Sturchio, James Lee Burke, Jen Elden, Jennifer Edstrom, Jessie Grossman, John Sveen, Jolene Brink, Judith C. Melzer, Keith Kratzer, Kipp Wessel, Larry Evans, Leslie A Hayes, Linda Howard, Maggie Anderson, Mar Sheehy Moe, Mark Albrecht, Mark Schulein, Mary Person, Matt & Corrie Holloway, Matt Dusek, Max Hjortsberg, Michael Keaton, Mike Johnson, Miles Nolte, Monica Pastor, Pat Williams, Peter Picard, Rebecca Norton, Rick Bass, Ryan Friel, Scott Dreher, Scott McMillion, Seabring Davis, Tara Morrison, Toby Thompson, Torsten Pieper, Walker Kimberly, Walt and Ruth Weissman, Will Haines.

Paid for by the Montana Writers for Public Lands PAC and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. Contact us at: Montana Writers for Public Lands PAC, 431 N. Yellowstone Street, Livingston, MT 59047.

Treasurer: Rick Bass | Assistant Treasurer: Seabring Davis

Montana Writers for Public Lands PAC is registered as an “unaffiliated committee” meaning not endorsed by a political candidate or party, with the FEC ID#: C00641159